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Author Topic: Yet again......  (Read 292 times)

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Yet again......
« on: 09 May 15, 12:42:pm »'s so called politics expert has demonstrated how far out of touch with reality he is. Having , for years , predicted, completely wrongly, that his much loved ( by him anyway!!) NZ Labour Party  would triumph in the NZ Elections, craig young has of late tried to beat the same old drum in relation to the British Parliamentary Elections.
Yet again craig young and his predictions have been shown to be completely out of touch with the mood of society, with the British Conservative Party ending up , post election, in a stronger position that prior to voting day.
One could be forgiven for believing that the hate filled rants by craig young about any group with religious affiliations are as wide of the mark as his political musings.
For as long as continue to promote the illogical, ill informed ravings of craig young, it will be difficult to see the website as a credible source of gay news and information.