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Sunday 09 April 2017

Dreams of a wedding in the sky

Posted in: True Stories, Civil Unions
By Jacqui Stanford - 10th September 2010

Gian and Rocky have entered a contest to get married on a plane

For Rocky and Gian, planes alternately mean the heartache of separation and the bliss of reunion. Now they want to change that forever, by taking to the skies to seal their lifelong commitment to each other.

The cross-hemisphere couple have entered a competition through airline SAS, which wants to host the world's first-ever same-sex wedding in the air in December, on a flight from Stockholm to New York.

Rocky is 23 and Gian is 22. Rocky is currently in New Zealand, while Gian is in Denmark.


Rocky tells their love story to

Gian and I have been together for five and a half years now - we celebrated our five year anniversary this year. We met off NZDating with Gian emailing me, after a few weeks of talking online I asked him out on a date. He came up from Hamilton for it, and it was pretty much love at first sight!

I moved down to Hamilton from Auckland cause I really wanted to be with Gian. He was still at university and he encouraged me to enrol. So I did, enrolling in a BSocSci in Human Development.

Over the years, we grew stronger, wiser and more in love each day and on my 21st birthday after three years of living together, Gian popped the question and of course I said yes!

It's been two years and a lot has happened since we got engaged. I took a break from my studies, after Gian completed his and we moved to the London to live for a few months, and while we were there Gian got accepted into Danish University for a PhD.

Though we struggled to get our visas due to bureaucracy, Gian got his visa in February 2010 but I still had to wait. So while Gian was living in Copenhagen, I was living in London, seeing each other once a month.

In May (still with no Danish Visa) I moved to Copenhagen to be with Gian, living off on income wasn't easy as I couldn't work - no visa :(. My three month stay was nearly over, and I had to leave the country so we decided it would be better if I came back home to New Zealand and wait for the visa.

It's been nearly three months since we've kissed or hugged each other, but we're still as strong as ever. I head back in November to Copenhagen, after getting my visa last month... FINALLY!

We decided to enter because it would be an awesome way to finish off an awful year for both of us, and commit our love for each other. We've been planning on getting married since the engagement, but have never had the money nor the time to plan anything.

You can support Rocky and Gian and their quest to get married in the sky by going on to the SAS website and voting

They also have a Facebook group

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Jacqui Stanford - 10th September 2010