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Author Topic: Menfriends sauna. Or any sauna.  (Read 60 times)

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Menfriends sauna. Or any sauna.
« on: 22 Feb 17, 10:08:pm »
Hey. I'm Paddy. I'm 24 and quite shy. But recently I've been thinking about going to a gay sauna. I'm a decent looking bloke but don't have much self confidence.  I'm muscle but a small bit chubby.  :( Id like to know from anyone. Is this a place to go and explore your sexuality in a safe environment? As in, will u be accepted and not laughed at. I'm always thinking about doing it and how it's a great idea. Then I have a wank,  8)  :)  :D but then fell ashamed to have the idea. Anyway. Getting sidetracked. Any help would be great. Thanks.  ^-^