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Sunday 09 April 2017

Watch: Shorten introduces Aus marriage bill

Posted in: Features
By staff - 1st June 2015

Australia's opposition leader Bill Shorten has introduced Labor’s Marriage Equality Bill in the nation's Parliament, stating: "On marriage equality, for too long, we in this Parliament have been following, not leading."


He added:
"Let us embrace a definition of marriage that respects, values and includes every Australian."

Labor’s bill seeks to amend the definition of marriage in Australia’s Marriage Act 1961 to read “marriage means the union of two people, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life” with no mention of the gender of the participants.

The legislation will also ensure that same-sex marriages conducted in another country are recognised here.

The Bill how now gone into political limbo, and the focus will move to a cross-party bill on the issue, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott indicating such a move is required for a free vote.

Read more over at Samesame here

Watch his full speech below. staff - 1st June 2015

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