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Saturday 08 April 2017

Trailer: The Danish Girl

Posted in: Movies
By staff - 7th September 2015

The trailer is out for The Danish Girl, in which Eddie Redmayne plays one of the first people who had gender reassignment surgery – and the director is defending his decision not to cast a trans actor in the role.


Oscar winner Redmayne stars in the film as Lili Elbe, and the flick tells the story of her life in the 1920s, and her love triangle with her illustrator wife and childhood friend.

Trans activists say it’s another role which should have been given to someone trans.

Director Tom Hooper has told Screen Daily Redmayne is simply the person he wanted to make the film about, and he’s very passionate about that.

“I was a great believer in him as an actor. I think also there’s a certain gender fluidity that I sensed in him, that I found intriguing and it led me to think he might be a really interesting person to cast in this role.

“I felt that there was something in him that was drawn to the feminine,” he added. “That was something that I felt he might be interested to explore further.” staff - 7th September 2015

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