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Saturday 08 April 2017

Ak Pride: GLBTI life in six short plays

Posted in: Performance
By Justine Sachs - 14th February 2017

First same-sex love, coming out and flawed relationships are some of the subjects explored in a collection of theatre pieces which begin their season tonight for the Auckland Pride Festival.

Six short plays will be presented each night at the Q Theatre Loft until Saturday, that's a "kaliedoscope" of six plays a night for five nights, by The Legacy Project

This is the fourth year running for the Legacy Project which was created to provide opportunities for the LGBT community to share unique voices on stage.

Every year six "bite-sized" plays by up-and-coming LGBT voices are selected based on their development potential. “These are our stories to celebrate, to provoke and to uncover our distinct perspectives on modern queer experiences,” says Artistic director Bruce Brown. Legacy works closely with the writers to nurture and showcase their work.

Over the past 3 years the Legacy Project has helped stage 18 heartfelt stories which wouldn’t have had a platform without the project. Brown says this would not have been possible “without the willingness from the community to share stories that are important to us all”. He promises Legacy will continue to create opportunities for LGBT writers and artists and showcase a diverse range of queer narratives that people rarely get to see.

Plays being showcased this year include:

CALLUM IN THE AFTERMATH. "The past is the hardest thing to purge." Written by Prior McRae, directed by Cole Meyers.

COMING OUT NIGHT. "All parents want to support their kids, some just make a bigger show of it than others." Written by Ryan McKee, directed by Adam Rohe.

DADDY ISSUES. "Can Peter and Ray stop bickering long enough to deal with the uninvited guest in their home." Written by Pedro Diegues, directed by Jake Love. 

ETERNITY. "When pride is stronger than love." Written by David Blakey, directed by Ryan Thornhill.

FIRST LOVE. "The innocence, insanity and beauty of that first crush... on the neighborhood straight boy." Written by Aatir Zaidi, directed by Kat Glass.

TWO LOVERS SIT ON A PARK BENCH HOLDING HANDS IN THE MOONLIGHT. "Romance is in the air. Sort of. Or something that vaguely resembles romance." Written by Hannah Owen Wright, directed by Rachael Longshaw-Park.

Booking details are here.

Justine Sachs - 14th February 2017

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