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 Review: Loud and Queer
Posted in: Entertainment  15th February 2017
Yes they are young, yes they bold and what you soon learn is they certainly know how to deliver a brilliantly executed and articulate theatre show.

 Review: Hot Brown Honey
Posted in: Performance  14th February 2017
Like a Pacific nuclear test Hot Brown Honey detonated stereotypes and vapourised culturally-enforced limitations on women's lives. But as an Auckland Pride event one aspect was troubling...

 The Auckland Pride Festival Grab Bag
Posted in: Entertainment  14th February 2017
With such a mixed bag of events at Ak Pride, we bring you a grab-bag of sorts - a run-down of a few of the events that may have got lost in the noise but are worth checking out!

 Ak Pride: Wild and silly bear comedy night
Posted in: Performance  14th February 2017
The Bear Comedy Show, a staple of LYC Bear New Zealand Week and Auckland Pride, returns to The Classic Thursday night in Queen Street with Neil Thornton and Eli Matthewson heading the line-up.

 Ak Pride: GLBTI life in six short plays
Posted in: Performance  14th February 2017
First same-sex love, coming out and flawed relationships are some of the subjects explored in a collection of theatre pieces which begin their season tonight for the Auckland Pride Festival.

 Review: Impostar: Who do you think you are?
Posted in: Performance  13th February 2017
Jason Chasland is, quite simply, a phenomenon and his one man show, Impostar: Who do you think you are? is quite simply brilliant.

 The Big Gay Out: Oh what a day! (Pt1)
Posted in: Events  12th February 2017
On a partly overcast and very, humid Auckland Sunday thousands of glbti people, friends and supporters converged in Coyle Park for the annual Big Gay Out. mingled...

 Review: Auckland Pride Festival 2017 Gala
Posted in: Performance  11th February 2017
Shining a spotlight on some of the forthcoming festival events the Gala was, without warning, a triumphant showcase for a stunning, luminous talent brought back from years gone by.

 Big Gay Out: Getting around
Posted in: Entertainment  7th February 2017
Wanting to find your way around Auckland's Big Gay Out this Sunday?

 Ak Pride 2017: The Unbidden
Posted in: Movies  2nd February 2017
The Unbidden is an unpredictable psychological thriller/horror movie being showcased at the Aroha '17 Film Festival for Auckland Pride. Gay director Quentin Lee talks about how his sexuality impacts on his movies.

 Embracing change, activism and conflict
Posted in: Events  8th January 2017
Auckland Pride Festival co-chair Kirsten Sibbett talks about how the organisation is evolving to embrace differences of opinion and life experiences.

 Listen: James Leuii's mix for Summer 16/17
Posted in: Music  2nd January 2017
DJ James Leuii has weaved his magic yet again - his latest mix could well be the sound of your summer. Listen and download here.

 Looking back: George Michael
Posted in: Worth Checking Out, Entertainment  31st December 2016
For a comprehensive look back at the late George Michael's amazing career and sometimes controversial personal life click here.

 Adding 'edge' to the Ak Pride Parade
Posted in: Events  3rd December 2016
Shaughan Woodcock, co-producer of February's Auckland Pride Parade says he hopes to build on the successful aspects of parades past and encompass some edgier content.

 Bearracuda's back!
Posted in: Events  12th October 2016
The largest attended bear dance party in the US is once again coming to Auckland this Saturday after a four year hiatus.