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 Supporting LGBTI male sexual abuse survivors
Posted in: Our Communities  25th January 2017
We chat to Richard Jeffery of support group Mosaic about the importance of sharing the stories of male survivors of sexual abuse and supporting queer, takatāpui and gender diverse men.

 Christmas Day wishes...
Posted in: Our Communities  24th December 2016
Community leaders remind us that this is a time for thinking of each other, and sharing the love and kisses.

 The glbti-friendly DLO police in your area
Posted in: Our Communities  18th December 2016
The Police have glbti or glbti-friendly officers available to assist people from our communities who are uncomfortable dealing with run of the mill officers. Check them out here.

 Seasonal Recesses
Posted in: Our Communities  17th December 2016
Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Summer Solstice or whatever you choose to commemorate at this time of year. Which raises a few questions around negotiating this time of year.

 Introducing Paul Foster-Bell MP
Posted in: Our Communities, Features  10th December 2016
The National MP who outed himself to publicly slam homophobic church leader Brian Tamaki talks about his conservative upbringing and his distant relationship with his father.

 Outing Violence: Analysing the data
Posted in: Our Communities  24th November 2016
Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence are offering the LGBTI communities an opportunity to request specific analysis of information following a survey about experiences in relationships, sexual encounters, and help-seeking around partner and sexual violence.

 We will remember them…
Posted in: Our Communities  23rd November 2016
The Transgender Day of Remembrance was marked across the country on Sunday. During a service at St Matthews in the City, Abbi Pritchard-Jones spoke of the importance of honouring the victims of transphobic murders and called on the wider LGBTI family for support.

 Police making Rainbow Connections
Posted in: Our Communities  21st November 2016
As the police look to strengthen their commitment to diversity and relations with LGBTI communities their Rainbow ‘Aniwaniwa’ Connections Police diversity group is giving LGBTI stakeholders a voice.

 Bringing gay Māori men out of the closet
Posted in: Our Communities  18th November 2016
Thirty years ago those starting to work with Māori affected by HIV at the start of the epidemic in New Zealand faced some remarkable challenges... particularly invisibility.

 Questioning sexuality in the workforce
Posted in: Our Communities  9th November 2016
A privacy policy that allows a recruitment company to ask questions relating to a person’s sexuality and sexual practices has been criticised by the Privacy Commission, who say the policy seems “excessive” and collecting information such as this is “concerning”.