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Saturday 08 April 2017

Body Positive interim board now in place

Posted in: New Zealand Daily News
By Daily News staff - 16th January 2016

An interim board of ten members has this morning been voted in to oversee the embattled organisation until its next AGM can be held.

The election followed a six-month period of turmoil with conflict between the previous board and a pressure group of members unhappy with decisions being made by that board and what they alleged were issues of poor communication and unclear agendas. After a protracted period of at times rancorous debate, in public and at board and membership meetings, the previous board resigned on December 2nd.

The interim board was elected without formal voting as there were fewer nominations than the twelve vacancies. Those now on the board, all of whom are from the North Island, will now meet to elect officers such as chair and treasurer from amongst their number.

33 members, including fifteen of those who had been pressuring the previous board and its chair to resign, attended this morning's meeting in Auckland, with proxy votes also being received but not needed.

In a general floor discussion following confirmation of the new board members, issues such as communication with members, availability of information regarding the running of the organisation and member's access to board meetings were highlighted. An expression of thanks to Executive Director Mark Fisher, who has had to hold the reins of the organisation in the troubled period leading up the the previous board's resignation and the constitutionally awkward period when no board was in place, drew enthusiastic applause.

The next scheduled Annual General Meeting, at which an on-going board will be elected, is expected to be held in late March.

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