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Saturday 08 April 2017

Texas Senate approves anti-trans bathroom bill

Posted in: International News
By Daily News staff - 16th March 2017

The Texas State Senate has passed an anti-transgender bathroom bill that would require people to use the bathroom that matches their birth certificate if it passes in the House of Representatives.

Morning news reports that the bill would impact transgender people using bathrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms in public schools, universities and government buildings.

Bill 6 was approved with a vote of 21-10 however if it passes in the House of Representatives, celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Sting and sports events like the Super Bowl are warning that the state will face a boycott just as North Carolina did when it signed a similar law.

Executive Director of The National Center for Transgender Equality, Mara Keisling, released an email statement following the vote saying “By voting this bill through, the Texas Senate has officially declared that the 125,000 transgender adults and thousands of trans children who live in Texas are second-class citizens.

“Trans people in Texas have it hard enough. These legislators are supposed to help their constituents, not add to the struggles they already face. We urge representatives in the House to do the right thing for all Texans and vote against this discriminatory bill.”

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