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7th March 2017   International News
In the wake of the Trump administration revoking the Obama administration's trans-positive student toilet guidelines the US Supreme Court has canceled the hearing of a trans student’s case to use... Read more

6th March 2017   International News
HIV notifications in New South Wales have fallen to a five-year low, according to information just released by the NSW Health department, in stark contrast to New Zealand where the... Read more

6th March 2017   International News
A father in the UK has been found guilty of multiple charges after raping his lesbian daughter, claiming it was to prove to her that sex with men  is better... Read more

6th March 2017   International News
Russian authorities are seriously considering banning the latest Disney movie, a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast which features Disney's first ever gay character. A side-plot in the movie... Read more

3rd March 2017   International News
Two transgender Pakistani women have allegedly been tortured to death in Saudi Arabia and 22 remain in Police custody after Police raided a home in the capital.   Police raided... Read more

24th February 2017   International News
The Trump administration has now officially revoked landmark guidelines that aim to protect trans students in schools and allow them to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. Reversing... Read more

23rd February 2017   International News
A man has been denied entry to the US after a Customs and Border Patrol officer read his gay hookup profiles.   Vancouver man André was stopped before entering the... Read more

22nd February 2017   International News
New guidelines regarding the use of bathrooms by transgender students are being drafted by the Trump administration.   Under the Obama administration, guidelines stated that trans students have the right... Read more

21st February 2017   International News
Queer and gender diverse Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders are loosing two vital sexual health programmes, leaving many with "no where to go". The Australian Federal Government has announced it... Read more

20th February 2017   International News
Alleged gay sex workers in Tanzania are at risk of having their names published publicly before being arrested as the nation’s Deputy Health Minister threatens to crackdown on “the homosexuality... Read more