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Saturday 08 April 2017

Ask the US Christian Right First?!

Posted in: Comment
By Craig Young - 21st February 2017

Once again, Family First is trying desperately to draw attention to its failed imported campaign against transgender school student privacy, safety and health. This time, they have set up a "new" website, Ask Me First. And seem to have imported US Christian Right content for it. Yes, again.

Bob McCroskie
There's a ventriloquists dummy graphic accompanying this article because it provides a handy metaphor for what nobody's favourite anti-LGBT New Zealand Christian Right pressure group is doing on this issue. In itself, the dummy is an empty, manipulated entity, prey to manipulation from its puppeteer. In the same way, the New Zealand Christian Right is absurdly dependent on US Christian Right propaganda, tactics and strategies for its propaganda against LGBT rights. They used that tactic when it came to marriage equality, so this should come as a surprise to no-one at all.

However, in the case of transgender school student privacy, safety and health, they haven't found much traction at all. Education Minister Hekia Parata and her ministerial personnel seem to have steadfastly ignored Family First's input into the process, and apart from McCoskrie's own attention grabbing gambits, most mainstream New Zealand primary and secondary school students and their parents accept the legitimacy of gender dysphoria as a mainstream medical condition, and that transgender school students have the right to privacy and security within primary and secondary. This imported 'moral panic' isn't, because no-one is panicking, outside Family First and Right to Life New Zealand. Not even the rest of the New Zealand Christian Right have touched this issue.

What makes me think this is a derivative campaign? I googled it. It turns out that the Youtube link content that Family First is using insofar as this issue is concerned are related to the US "Family Policy Alliance," which used to be known as CitizenLink, the public policy agitation arm of the Colorado Springs-centred predatory US Christian Right multinational, Focus on the Family. It is highly significant that only one of the directly credited young people on this anti-transgender website is named as an attendee at a New Zealand school. One suspects that she may be a fundamentalist Christian at a New Zealand state school and responding to Family First calls for agitation against transgender student rights to educational access, privacy and safety from Family First. The rest of the content seems taken directly from the Family Policy Alliance website. Which makes sense, because the author of its hatchet job anti-transgender research report,Boy Girl Other,Glenn Stanton, is an activist for...Focus on the Family. Apparently, it was designed and produced in Minnesota.

Did they really even have to copy exactly the same campaign name as the FPA's original campaign, though? Really?


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"No One Asked Me First" Family Policy Alliance: 02.08.2016:http:// issues/2016/08/02/no-one- asked-first/ [Perhaps because it's none of their business?]

Craig Young - 21st February 2017

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