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AKL Pride Festival 2017 - Pride Surf Session @ Piha

19 FEB 2017

Gay surfers organised a surf session meet up at 10am out at Piha Beach.
I arrived around 9.30am and I went to both North & South Piha beaches but
couldn't spy them. There were already some surfers in the water and some
other small groups went out a few at a time from further up the beach...
So I sat up at the Life savers lookout box and with my long lens and took
these shots. I finally left around 11.30am, so if you are in these, and I
really hope you are, enjoy. Photos supplied by Andrea.

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PF_Pride Surf_Session-01.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-01
PF_Pride Surf_Session-02.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-02
PF_Pride Surf_Session-03.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-03
PF_Pride Surf_Session-04.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-04
PF_Pride Surf_Session-05.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-05
PF_Pride Surf_Session-06.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-06
PF_Pride Surf_Session-07.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-07
PF_Pride Surf_Session-08.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-08
PF_Pride Surf_Session-09.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-09
PF_Pride Surf_Session-10.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-10
PF_Pride Surf_Session-11.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-11
PF_Pride Surf_Session-12.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-12
PF_Pride Surf_Session-13.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-13
PF_Pride Surf_Session-14.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-14
PF_Pride Surf_Session-15.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-15
PF_Pride Surf_Session-16.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-16
PF_Pride Surf_Session-17.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-17
PF_Pride Surf_Session-18.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-18
PF_Pride Surf_Session-19.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-19
PF_Pride Surf_Session-20.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-20
PF_Pride Surf_Session-21.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-21
PF_Pride Surf_Session-22.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-22
PF_Pride Surf_Session-23.JPG
PF_Pride Surf_Session-23
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