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Saturday 08 April 2017

 Review: Lincoln in the Bardo
Posted in: Books  7th April 2017
At first sight, this might seem an odd place to review a brilliant piece of experimental fiction, so some explanation is in order.

 Review: Resident Alien
Posted in: Performance  22nd March 2017
Who would have thought the acerbic, world-weary ramblings of a tired old queen could be so uplifting.

 Wellington Pride Festival: Week one
Posted in: Entertainment  9th March 2017
One week down and one to go, Wellington Pride Festival ǀ Tū whakahīhī e Te Whanganui-ā-Tara is in full swing and the things are only going to get better.

 Christchurch Pride event guide
Posted in: Entertainment  7th March 2017
Christchurch, it’s your time to join the festivities!

 The Pride Parade Experience
Posted in: Events  27th February 2017
With the roar of Dykes on Bikes and the cutting of rainbow ribbons the 2017 Auckland Pride Parade made its way down Ponsonby Road in a riot of colour, noise and sexualities... our reporters were there!

 Ak Pride: West of Eden premiere
Posted in: Movies  24th February 2017
Tom is a quiet country pakeha kid, Billy is Maori, from the big city where his life has been going off the rails. Their love affair, in 1960s rural NZ is forbidden.

 Same Same: Difficult family relationships
Posted in: Books  23rd February 2017
Justine Sachs attends a session at her very first Same Same but Different writing festival, part of Auckland Pride, and comes away reeling and aching for more.

 Review: Pardon me Alan Turing
Posted in: Entertainment  22nd February 2017
Pardon Me Alan Turing is not only about Turing and Wilde, but the experiences of thousands of men who have been granted a pardon for a historic homosexual conviction.

 Review: The Ak Pride Festival Great Debate
Posted in: Performance  21st February 2017
Laughter, adult language, dubious claims, conflict, drama and therapy-level sharing all add up to Best (Ak Pride Great) Debate Ever!

 Ak Pride: Aroha’17 NYC House Party
Posted in: Events  21st February 2017
Meet GypjaQ, an “upbeat, aggressive, unapologetic and above-all queer and black” cyber soul performer who's headlining at tomorrow night's Aroha’17 NYC House Party

 Ak Pride: Pardon Me Alan Turing
Posted in: Performance  20th February 2017
Is quashing the convictions of some men previously convicted of having gay sex really going to undo the accumulated effects of decades of being a convicted criminal? A play for Ak Pride explores at the subject.

 Review: NZ Bear Week Comedy Night
Posted in: Performance  17th February 2017
Peacocking, dic pics, daddy issues and more were given the full comedy treatment last evening in a "brilliant" Bear Comedy Night.

 Ak Pride: Ngahuia Te Awekotuku
Posted in: Books  17th February 2017
"No one else was writing about or for Maori girls like me, so I had to make words to explain that world for myself. And most of all, for others."

 Review: Legacy Project 4
Posted in: Performance  16th February 2017
Six short plays written and directed by an eclectic mix of queer artists showcase a dazzling display of local talent.

 Review: Femslick
Posted in: Performance  15th February 2017
Artist Akashi Fisiinaua’s latest show, Femslick, is a sensual composition of political statements turned into dance and performance.