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Saturday 08 April 2017

 Review: Lincoln in the Bardo
Posted in: Books  7th April 2017
At first sight, this might seem an odd place to review a brilliant piece of experimental fiction, so some explanation is in order.

 The Chechnya LGBTI Crisis
Posted in: Comment  4th April 2017
With tales about the possible arbitrary arrest and execution of LGBT Chechen citizens, it is time to background that troubled Muslim Central-Asian province of the Republic of Russia.

 Apology or not, the damage has been done
Posted in: Our Communities  3rd April 2017
All Black Lima Sopoaga is under fire for his homophobic comment in which he called team mates “gayyyyyy” because they are showing affection in an Instagram post. Although he was quick to apologise, the damage had been done.

 An East Asian First?
Posted in: Comment  2nd April 2017
After a recent positive Taiwanese Constitutional Court decision, it now seems as if Taiwan will shortly become the first East Asian nation to pass civil marriage equality legislation. It's time to update that nation's history as well as its internal LGBTI rights record.

 Transgender Identities
Posted in: Our Communities  31st March 2017
To raise awareness of the diverse identities that fall under the umbrella term transgender and recognising that not everyone identifies with it, we’ve compiled a list of different identity terminology used by gender diverse folk.

 Canada and Transgender Equality
Posted in: Comment  27th March 2017
As the world turns, Canada is entering the final stage of legislative debate before passing Bill C-16 into law.

 Review: Resident Alien
Posted in: Performance  22nd March 2017
Who would have thought the acerbic, world-weary ramblings of a tired old queen could be so uplifting.

 What "Other" Issues Concern Us?
Posted in: Comment  22nd March 2017
What "other"issuesshould concern LGBT inhabitants of New Zealand?

 Grey Rights?
Posted in: Comment  20th March 2017
The LGBTI stake in the superannuation debate.

 Space For The Spectrum
Posted in: Our Communities  19th March 2017
Christian Wez van der Linde struggled with his feelings for the same sex and coming out. He’s written a book to help others, particularly young people, reconcile sexuality and faith.

 He Awa Mutunga Kore - A Takatāpui Journey
Posted in: Our Communities  17th March 2017
We chat to both Kathleen Winter and Kassie Hartendorp about the importance of telling the stories of indigenous queer identities.

 Health & HIV: Written questions for the Minister
Posted in: Health & HIV  15th March 2017
It's time the Minister of Health fronted up on the dire state of, primarily, HIV prevention funding in this country. At this time of crisis here are our questions, we - and the Prime Minister - expect answers.

 The Church and LGBTI mental health
Posted in: Our Communities  10th March 2017
A UK study has made a link between Christian churches and the reduction of mental health for people of diverse sexualities, we talk to Craig Watson to find out how New Zealand compares.

 Adrift on the Ship of Fools
Posted in: Comment  10th March 2017
New Zealand's conservative Christian lobby groups are relatively silent, but it's highly probable that this won't last. At the moment, I'm reminded of the medieval myth of the "Ship of Fools", which zigzagged round German rivers without any apparent navigation.

 Wellington Pride Festival: Week one
Posted in: Entertainment  9th March 2017
One week down and one to go, Wellington Pride Festival ǀ Tū whakahīhī e Te Whanganui-ā-Tara is in full swing and the things are only going to get better.