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Saturday 08 April 2017

 Health & HIV: Written questions for the Minister
Posted in: Health & HIV  15th March 2017
It's time the Minister of Health fronted up on the dire state of, primarily, HIV prevention funding in this country. At this time of crisis here are our questions, we - and the Prime Minister - expect answers.

 The PrEP Underground, UK-style
Posted in: Health & HIV  4th February 2017
As our HIV agencies struggle to get the PrEP HIV prevention treatment more easily accessible through public health channels, there are less orthodox alternative grass-roots approaches we could consider.

 New 'Ending HIV' website launched today
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  3rd February 2017
The NZ AIDS Foundation has launched a new website dedicated to its new Ending HIV strategy which aims to see HIV transmission eradicated in New Zealand within eight years.

 Update: Body Positive, after the battle
Posted in: Health & HIV  30th December 2016
In the months before last Christmas a row between the board of Body Positive and a group of its members was messy, at times nasty and looking like it could seriously destabilise the organisation.

 What If... HIV/AIDS Had Never Existed?
Posted in: Health & HIV  15th December 2016
Alternate histories are one of the most thriving genres of contemporary science fiction. One forthcoming US film asks the poignant question: What if HIV/AIDS had never existed?

 HIV/AIDS and Neoliberalism
Posted in: HIV  4th December 2016
Something is going wrong with gay men's ability to self-manage HIV/AIDS in New Zealand. Is it our neoliberal government orthodoxy?

 Editorial: Where are the gay and bi men?
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  29th November 2016
Other than a core group of those committed to HIV prevention and support work gay and bi men are not visible enough for World AIDS Day.

 Calling for change this World AIDS Day
Posted in: Health & HIV  25th November 2016
World AIDS Day is less than a week away and the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, Body Positive and Positive Women are once again taking to the streets to raise funds and raise awareness of HIV.

 Min. of Health rejects HIV study funding claims
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Health & HIV  19th October 2016
The ministry of health has rejected suggestions by sources inside the health sector that denial of funding for the next round of surveys into the sexual behaviours of men at risk of contracting HIV is a flow-on effect from its head office refurbishment cost blow-out and recent loss of senior staff.

 Changing tactics for changing times
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  18th October 2016
The NZAF is about to move away from its Love Your Condom HIV prevention campaign to a core message progressively and publicly embracing condom alternatives - but is the government helping or hindering?

 HIV prevention: Groping in the dark
Posted in: Health & HIV  5th October 2016
At one of the most difficult periods of the fight against resurgent HIV in New Zealand the Ministry of Health has effectively blinded the NZ AIDS Foundation to what is underlying the changing epidemic.

 HIV prevention: It's time for a change
Posted in: Health & HIV, Our Communities  29th September 2016
Year by year there are more and more gay and bi men being diagnosed with HIV, it's reached record levels. What's the new boss of the NZAF going to do about it?

 Leading from the head and the heart
Posted in: Health & HIV, Community  28th September 2016
The first gay man to head the NZ AIDS Foundation in fifteen years talks about how his sexuality is integral to how he sees his job and the work ahead.

 Truvada and Access: A Further Update
Posted in: Health & HIV  15th September 2016

 PrEP in New Zealand: Update
Posted in: HIV  5th September 2016
What is the current status of post-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in New Zealand?