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Saturday 08 April 2017

4th April 2017   International News
Police in the Russian republic of Chechnya have allegedly rounded up over 100 men suspected to be homosexual, killing three of them.   Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta says it uncovered... Read more

3rd April 2017   International News
South Sudan is refusing to legalise homosexuality and scrap the death penalty saying it would be “in conflict with our national laws and our cultures”. In November the United Nations... Read more

1st April 2017   International News
The creator of the queer pride rainbow flag, Gilbert Baker, has died aged 65.   A queer rights and AIDS activist, Baker created the flag after deciding that it was... Read more

28th March 2017   International News
A new streaming service is attempting to increase the media presence of queer and gender diverse people of colour.   Created by Sean Torrington and his husband Terry, SlayTV was... Read more

23rd March 2017   International News
The German government has introduced a draft law which could see all men sentenced under historic anti-gay laws pardoned and financially compensated. The law will apply to all men sentenced... Read more

22nd March 2017   International News
Queensland Parliament has repealed the ‘gay panic’ defence, leaving South Australia as the only state to still allow its use. The defence allowed for a lesser sentence if a crime... Read more

16th March 2017   International News
The Texas State Senate has passed an anti-transgender bathroom bill that would require people to use the bathroom that matches their birth certificate if it passes in the House of... Read more

10th March 2017   International News
An LGBTI equality centre in the US has been gunned down, luckily while no one was inside.   The Dennis R. Neil Equality Center, in Tulsa Oklahoma was hit with... Read more

9th March 2017   International News
Disturbing footage has emerged of a transgender woman being beaten to death in Brazil, the fifth murder of its kind within the past month in the country.   Up to... Read more

8th March 2017   International News
George Michael, the gay singer who died suddenly on Christmas Day, died of natural causes including a weakened heart, a coroner has confirmed. Michael, who rose to prominence as half... Read more