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Saturday 08 April 2017

7th April 2017   New Zealand Daily News
The New Zealand AIDS Foundation are reaffirming the importance of condom use and providing the public with information about PrEP as the country faces the highest number of HIV diagnoses... Read more

4th April 2017   International News
Police in the Russian republic of Chechnya have allegedly rounded up over 100 men suspected to be homosexual, killing three of them.   Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta says it uncovered... Read more

3rd April 2017   International News
South Sudan is refusing to legalise homosexuality and scrap the death penalty saying it would be “in conflict with our national laws and our cultures”. In November the United Nations... Read more

2nd April 2017   New Zealand Daily News
All Black Lima Sopoaga is facing a formal employment process after making a “homophobic comment” on Instagram, ten months after the New Zealand Rugby Union announced the launch of a... Read more

1st April 2017   International News
The creator of the queer pride rainbow flag, Gilbert Baker, has died aged 65.   A queer rights and AIDS activist, Baker created the flag after deciding that it was... Read more

30th March 2017   New Zealand Daily News
The importance of whānau support in improving the wellbeing of takatāpui youth is highlighted in a newly released, free resource. The resource, Growing up Takatāpui: Whānau Journeys, is the result... Read more

30th March 2017   New Zealand Daily News
St Andrews on the Terrace is partnering with Rainbow Wellington to continue its support of the local transgender and gender diverse communities. The Friday afternoon tea event, Tea on The... Read more

28th March 2017   New Zealand Daily News
Transgender writer and research scientist John Thorp has been named as the victim of a train accident near Morrinsville on 23 March. The New Zealand Herald reports that the 90-year-old... Read more

28th March 2017   International News
A new streaming service is attempting to increase the media presence of queer and gender diverse people of colour.   Created by Sean Torrington and his husband Terry, SlayTV was... Read more

28th March 2017   New Zealand Daily News
Pasifika community leader Memea Eleitino Ma'aelopa Siania, known affectionately by many as Bubsy, passed away in Christchurch on Friday, aged 70. As a Patron of Love Life Fono, Memea Eleitino... Read more