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The Māori Party can’t have it both ways over labour laws

The Māori Party has to fess up over its voting record on the Employment Relations Amendment Bill, says Labour’s Māori Caucus. 

“It’s simply not good enough to oppose the bill at the same time  as they helped speed up its progress through Parliament, Māori Caucus chairperson Peeni Henare says.


 “The Māori Party is caught by its own confidence and supply agreement with National which means it has to vote on procedural motions ensuring the bill becomes law. 

“Last night it voted twice to stop the debate of this iniquitous piece of law making at the committee stages. 

“This is a bill which affects thousands of Māori workers. It takes away their rights and breaks down the provisions of work place bargaining.

 “For decades Māori have played a key role in our union movement. They must have the protection that the National Party with the help of the Māori Party is now trying to remove, “says Peeni Henare.