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Sign the petition: Stop Zero Hour Contracts

Our campaign against zero hour contracts has had an impact on National’s support parties and National no longer has the votes it needs to pass the Employment Standards Legislation Bill, that would put these unfair contracts in our law.

They’re desperate to get this issue sorted, and while it’s not a done deal yet, National have come to the negotiating table.

We might actually be able to get rid of zero-hour contracts — after National initially planned to make them even easier for employers to use.

But we need to make our position in the negotiations even stronger.

Already over 45,000 people have signed this and other petitions and over 10,000 wrote formal submissions to the Parliamentary Select Committee against zero hour contracts.

Michael Woodhouse, the Minister for Workplace Relations, won’t be able to ignore tens of thousands of Kiwis standing up and saying no to zero hour contracts.

Will you add your name and strengthen our campaign?

Sign this petition

To Members of Parliament:

Please stop the use of zero-hour contracts. They are unfair and bad for workers. It’s not how Kiwis like to do business.

43,608 supporters so far
1,392 signatures until our next goal