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Dr Liz Craig

Candidate for Invercargill

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Liz is a public health doctor, whose job for the past decade has been to monitor the health of New Zealand’s children and young people.

Liz believes Invercargill offers one of the best lifestyles in New Zealand. Our affordable housing, well-resourced local Trusts, and vibrant community groups make Invercargill a great place to live. But Liz also believes the current Government is letting Invercargill down. Eight years of underfunding has left our District Health Board struggling to cope with everyday demands. Too many people are missing out on the operations and appointments they so desperately need.  A lack of investment in Housing NZ has left us with aging social housing, stretched housing providers and a steady stream of families seeking emergency accommodation. Ad-hoc approaches to regional development, immigration and vocational training have left many struggling to find secure, well paid jobs, despite an apparent workforce shortage.

Liz believes we can do better than this. She is proud to be standing for Invercargill, and will work hard to ensure our needs are no longer ignored.

Liz is married to David, and has two teenage sons, Nick and Jack.