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Dr Duncan Webb

Candidate for Christchurch Central

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Duncan is a lawyer and professor who has been working since 2010 to help ordinary people in Christchurch get their homes, lives, jobs, and businesses back on track after the earthquakes. As well as practicing, researching, and teaching law, he is an activist and spokesperson for homeowners fighting defective repairs and the failures of insurers, EQC, and others to treat citizens fairly and properly. Duncan has also worked on other social justice projects, such as the Public Interest Project — which seeks to get innocent people out of jail — and the Howard League, which promotes prisoners’ rights. Furthermore, Duncan acted for the Flockton Basin residents in the EQC flood litigation and assisted the Problem Gambling Foundation when they sued Sky City.

Many Cantabrians have seen the failures in Christchurch and Duncan recognises the frustrations of trying to change things by helping one person at a time when it’s the system that is broken. He wants to bring his skills to Parliament and be part of a change that sees middle New Zealanders and their views at the centre of how people’s problems are approached, both in daily life and in response to disasters. Duncan firmly believes that a Labour Government will make life better for all of Christchurch.

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