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National can’t hide from school funding facts

A frenzied series of announcements in recent weeks can’t hide the fact school buildings and classrooms have been run down during the tenure of the current National Government, says Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins.

“Analysis by Infometrics, commissioned by the NZEI and PPTA and released this afternoon, show school capital funding has decreased by 13.9 per cent under National. That’s why kids have been left in cold, mouldy, overcrowded classrooms.

“The panicked announcements of new schools and classrooms should be seen for what it is – National playing catch up after eight years of neglect.

“National’s failure to provide schools with adequate funding increases is also the reason why parents are being asked to stump up for more and more of the cost of their kids’ education.

“School operational funding increased by two per cent during the tenure of the current National Government. By contrast it increased by over 20 per cent under Labour from 2002-2008.

“In opposition Bill English and the National government decried the financial pressure on parents. Since they became government, they’ve made it even worse.

“National can’t hide from the truth by spouting ‘alternative facts’ any longer. The real facts are clear, under National, schools just aren’t getting the funding they need to provide kids with the education they deserve,” says Chris Hipkins.