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5 ways you can help us change the government this year

2017 is an election year, and we’re ready to change the government – but to do that, we need your help!

Here are five easy ways you can contribute to the cause:

1. Let us know you’re with us by joining up to our mailing list. That means you’ll get updates about what we’re working on and what’s going on around New Zealand.

2. We need to deliver really strong campaigns all across the country to give us the best possible chance to win, and to do that we need to pay for highly skilled organisers, phone banks, hoardings, ads, and much more. If you’d like to chip in to our campaign fund, every little bit counts.

3. Join our army of volunteers and find a fun way to help out: you could door knock, man stalls, hand out flyers, or lend your specialist skills. Whether you can help out a little or a lot, every contribution helps spread Labour’s positive message further and wider across the country.

4. Check out the campaigns we’re currently running here – you can take action with us on issues that you care about.

5. Join up as a Labour member today – it’s a great way to support the cause, and you’ll be part of a special team of generous and dedicated people, working together to make New Zealand a better, fairer place.