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5 more things you probably don't know about Bill English

Think you know Bill English and what he stands for? These facts might shock you...

1. He was caught claiming $1,000 a week from the government to rent his own family home. He eventually paid back $32,000 after being put under pressure.

2. His own Minister for Police Judith Collins says he has refused to fund more police since last June, despite rapidly rising crime.

3. He fought to keep interest on student loans.

4. He stopped government contributions to the fund Labour set up to pay future superannuation costs. So far, that’s cost the country $6 billion in lost returns on investment, and put the future of superannuation at risk.

5. He voted against Working for Families.

It's time for a Prime Minister who backs New Zealanders and shares our values. Join our movement to change the Government here.

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