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6 of the coolest policies we’ve announced (so far!)

We’re all about giving Kiwis the best opportunities possible, and we’ve never been afraid to come up with ambitious policy to match.

You can see the full list of our policies for this year’s election so far here and better yet, we’ll continue to release more all the way up to the election, so watch this space.

In the meantime though, here are six policies we’re especially excited about. (We think you might like them, too…)

1. We’ll offer Kiwis three years free tertiary education and training.

This is pretty awesome, and we’re excited about it. Our Working Futures policy provides three years of free tertiary education and training over a person’s lifetime. That’s for any training, apprenticeship or higher education approved by NZQA, and it can be used for full-time or part-time study.

2. We’ll fix the housing crisis.

This is a big one, but we’re ready to do it: unlike National, we’ve got a proper plan to fix the housing crisis. We’ve got a comprehensive three-part plan which involves building affordable houses, cracking down on speculators, and supporting those in need.

3. We’ll put the $1.7 billion National has cut back into the health system.

As a cancer survivor, Andrew Little has a real passion for making sure New Zealand has the best possible health system. Labour will make sure the health system is properly funded so you get the treatment you need, when you need it. What's cooler than that?

4. We’ll introduce light rail to Auckland.

Everyone knows traffic in Auckland is getting worse and worse, and unlike National, we’re ready to do something about it! Labour will commit funding for half the cost of a light rail line from Mt Roskill to the CBD, and we’ll work with Auckland Council to begin construction as soon as possible.

5. We’ll back young entrepreneurs.

Labour is looking to the future, and we know there are some awesome ideas out there that will change the way we work, live and play. When we’re in Government we’ll set up a scheme whereby any New Zealander, aged 18 to 23, can cash in their three free years of education and instead receive a start-up business grant, training, and a business mentor. 

6. We’ll open a digital centre in Dunedin.

We’ll set up a new Chair of Computer Gaming at Otago University, and accelerate digital start-ups with an incubator space that includes a motion-capture studio, access to publishing software, and mentorship programmes.

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