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Labour's Working Futures Plan

Labour’s Working Futures Plan will provide three years of free post-school education across a person’s life so New Zealanders can thrive in the 21st century economy.

The nature of work is changing constantly. To compete into the future and seize opportunities as they arise we need one of the best educated workforces in the world.

Our Working Futures Plan means that no matter what path someone wants to take after school, be it university or an apprenticeship, they will be able to gain the skills they need to succeed without being shackled with years of debt.

It will be available throughout a person’s lifetime, so that it can be used for retraining or if someone changes career part way through their working life. It will ensure businesses will always be able to find the skilled workers they need.

We are entering an age where education throughout your life is more necessary than ever.

Skills, knowledge, training and retraining are the currency of the future of work. Peter Fraser always said every New Zealander should have the right to a free education, an education which fitted them best and which made the most of their potential.

We know that education changes lives. It liberates people. It unleashes new ideas, and it levels the playing field, whatever your background.

Right now, New Zealand is being left behind in the global economy. Our economy has stalled, inequality is rising and the Kiwi Dream of owning your own home, a stable income and time with family and friends is slipping away.

Labour will prepare New Zealand for the future – with a world leading education system supporting the innovative and job-rich economy we need to get ahead.

National has given up on the future – theirs is a recipe for more of the same. Only a Labour Government will deliver a 21st century economic strategy with the growth, education and living standards all Kiwi deserve, where the Kiwi Dream - good jobs, a home of our own and a secure future for our families and loved ones – is preserved.

Read the Factsheet here.

Working Futures Plan — By the Numbers


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