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Labour backs the Kiwi dream.

New Zealanders don’t ask a lot, but there are some things that make us who we are and define our place in the world.

We call it the Kiwi dream.

It’s a home to call our own. Opportunities for everyone’s kids to succeed, no matter where they live. Security and freedom to make our own choices. Pride in our independence and a passion for our environment.

That’s the New Zealand we want and deserve.

But the Kiwi dream is slipping away.

Jobs are less secure. Houses are harder to buy. Our heartland towns are being neglected. Families are feeling the squeeze.

The Kiwi dream depends on New Zealanders owning our own future. But the government is asset stripping the country. Homes bought by speculators. Land sold offshore. Public assets being stripped. They’re selling us out with their backroom deals, like SkyCity and the Saudi sheep deal.

We’re losing control of our future. We’re being treated like we don’t matter any more. People are telling us Bill English's National Government is arrogant, and it’s out of touch.

There is a better way.

Labour’s backed Kiwis for 100 years. When Kiwis need work, we create jobs. When Kiwis need homes, we build them. When Kiwis look for security, we help them save. When Kiwis take a stand, we stand with them. We revived the Treaty together. We went nuclear free together. We have a history to be proud of, and a vision for the future.

We’ll build thousands of affordable homes and crack down on foreign speculators.

We’ll back our businesses to build a stronger economy that delivers decent work and higher wages.

We’ll invest in our regions, so there are jobs and opportunities.

We’ll care for the environment so we can all enjoy it, now and in the future.

We’ll fix the health system by turning National’s years of underfunding around.

We’ll rebuild world-class schools that help every Kiwi kid dream big and succeed.

New Zealand needs new leadership and a new direction.

Andrew Little’s Labour will back the Kiwi dream.

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