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1 in 4 Kiwis have experience of Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias.

We have helped thousands of New Zealanders experience recovery. If you live in the Auckland region, our team of specialist psychologists can take you from fear to freedom. Contact us today.

What is an Anxiety Disorder?

Since 1983, we have been taking Kiwis just like you from fear to freedom. We are creating our own You Tube video about how Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias affect Kiwis. This clip from the US gives an overview of the 5 most common anxiety disorders.
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Kiwi Funny Man Mike King interviews Mike Chunn from Split Enz on His Experience with Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia

An episode from Mike King’s excellent ‘The Nutter’s Club’. This is a world-first TV series on Kiwis who fearlessly deal with issues surrounding mental health conditions.
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We have a free-calling 0800 anxiety helpline. We are available now – wherever you are in New Zealand – to talk. You can call us on 0800 ANXIETY (0800 269 4389).

Be Informed

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