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Si and Gary
Find out if Si and Gary are All Right? with this series of witty but moving videos.


Simon Barnett and Gary McCormick from MORE FM volunteered to help All Right? spread a little love around Canterbury by recording several videos based around the five ways of wellbeing.

Find out more about the five ways of wellbeing.

si and gary having a yarn

The Five Ways

The Five Ways of Wellbeing are the ‘5+ a day’ (you know…the fruit and vege rule!) for looking after yourself.

Find out more and see what Cantabrians do to feel All Right.

Take Notice (Me aro tonu)

Be Active (Me kori tonu)

Keep Learning (Me ako tonu)

Connect (Me Whakawhanaunga)

Give (Tukua)

Not All Right?

Our lives have changed and many of us are having a tough time. It’s all right to ask for help. You are not alone. 

If you are finding it hard to cope and need support you can ring the Canterbury Support Line on
0800 777 846.

When you call this helpline, someone will talk with you and help work out what kind of support you may need.

Connect with All Right?

Keep up with the latest tips and news plus have a chance to win great prizes and help bring a few Outrageous Bursts to Christchurch!