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Sunday 13 November 2016

World Congress for Cunning Plans?

Posted in: Comment
By Craig Young - 5th November 2015

As the Family First webpage tells us, Bob McCoskrie is off in Salt Lake City receiving the latest hit of US Christian Right antigay propaganda, tactics and strategy. However, how relevant is the propaganda of the latter to its cravenly dependent satellites in Australia, Canada, Africa, the United Kingdom and New Zealand?

Although I said that there were no active workshops on antigay topics in an earlier report on WCF IX, I probably overlooked an amusing tirade by Bob Brown from the US National Organisation for Marriage, the antigay US Christian Right pressure group against LGBT marriage equality that so miserably failed to prevent the introduction of marriage equality across all fifty US states after the Obergefelt v Hodges decision before the US Supreme Court earlier this year. However, fear not- NOM has a 'cunning plan' to reverse marriage equality within the United States.  I'm not sure whether Rowan Atkinson, originator of a related certain iconic British comedy phrase has any plans to sue NOM for breach of intellectual property, but here it is. It involves a regurgitated version of the US Christian Right's strategy to erode US abortion rights access through electing right-wing US Republican presidents and stacked US Congresses, who then get to stack the US Supreme Court with antigay justices. There's just one problem- Brown has actually forewarned the US LGBT movement and general public what he intends to do. Added to which, the reverse also applies- this is an incentive for progay and LGBT voters to get out there and elect Hillary Clinton as US President, as well as unstack the US Congress with more sensible Democrat candidates so Clinton can appoint more LGBT-affirmative and progressive justices to the Supreme Court instead. 

But how relevant is the aforementioned "cunning plan" to those craven satellites? Not very. Remember, REAL Women of Canada is still sulking after the Liberal Party won a landslide in the recent October Canadian federal election, which means that with the support of the New Democrats, it will be able to reintroduce transgender rights legislation, as well as promote other progressive gains such as medicinal cannabis and assisted suicide legislation. Family First has its hands full with David Seymour's euthanasia law reform private member's bill here in New Zealand, so that only leaves Australia and its benighted national referendum on civil marriage equality for LGBT couples, to be held in 2016 shortly after the next Australian federal election.  Otherwise, Brown's presentation was completely irrelevant to the satellites from New Zealand, Canada, Ireland  and the United Kingdom, all of whose countries of origin have passed civil marriage equality legislation, whether through legislation (New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom) or referendum (Ireland). Given that none of those three nations have the political will or desire to revisit the popularly supported civil marriage equality issue, it is difficult to see how relevant this is to any of them.  Perhaps the presentation was intended for Northern Ireland, Australia and Africa? 

Still, this whole junket tends to raise questions about Family First's funding and actual service provision. How is it that it is able to afford to ferry its executive officer across the Pacific? Did the World Congress of Families pay for McCoskrie and Bet-Adair's attendance, or was it paid for through Family First's operational budget and donations from other fundamentalist Protestants and conservative Catholics? Did another New Zealand Christian Right pressure group held to fund their attendance? And how relevant is WCF's antifeminist, antiabortion and antigay agenda to New Zealand anymore? 


Rachel Percelay: "Here's why the World Congress of Families is So Scary" Advocate: 30.10.2015: http://www. 2015/10/30/heres-why-world- congress-families-conference- so-scary

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Craig Young - 5th November 2015

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