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Key must act on South Auckland housing

Prime Minister John Key needs to be held to this morning’s promise that his Government would meet the social housing demand in the areas that needed them most, says Associate Auckland Issues spokesperson Louisa Wall. 

“His promise on Breakfast will be music to the ears of people in my electorate of Manurewa where there are 124 category "A" families who are ‘at risk’ and in severe and persistent need. These are people whose  needs must  be addressed immediately according to  MSD’s own social housing criteria.

“Paula Bennett also made a commitment in the weekend that ‘there will be more places available for people in need of social housing.’ 

“She must ensure all of the 76 current vacant properties in my electorate are allocated to the 124 priority "A" families immediately. 

“That leaves 48 category "A" families still without housing and it should be a priority for HNZ  to lease homes so the needs of those people are met. 

“Prime Minister John Key and Paula Bennett should also immediately guarantee that none of the houses in South Auckland will be sold. 

“If they can’t agree, it exposes the Government’s real thinking, which isn't about meeting need at all,“ says Louisa Wall. 

“This seems to be more about selling assets and transferring state housing responsibilities. It is a deliberate abdication of their legislative accountability to provide housing to those most in need".