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Petition over Key’s comments on sexual violence returns to Parliament

A petition launched following a walk-out of women MPs earlier this month  will be presented to Parliament today, says Labour’s Christchurch East MP Poto Williams.

“The petition, which expresses the disgust over John Key’s comments that Labour backs rapists and murderers, has already received nearly 13,000 signatures.

“We have asked the Prime Minister to apologise for the offence his comments have caused survivors of sexual violence and withdraw the statement.

“Women MPs left the house when the Speaker refused to make the Prime Minister apologise. The Speaker originally ruled that the comments were not unparliamentary but later conceded they were.

“However as the Speaker didn’t hear the comments at the time they were made, he claims he could not force John Key to apologise.

“Jan Logie from the Greens and myself will receive the petition this afternoon at 1pm on the steps of Parliament,” says Poto Williams.