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Offshore workers shipped in at expense of locals

Cut-price contractor Visionstream is trying to bring in offshore workers for the UFB fibre roll-out while at the same time workers doing the same job are being cut at Downer, says Labour’s ICT spokesperson Clare Curran.

“Visionstream’s contract for the UFB roll-out is being expanded into Wellington. Instead of looking for local workers they are applying for the right to bring in workers from offshore so they can pay them low rates.

“Visionstream is notorious for paying their contractors poorly compared to other companies. Their role should not be expanded, especially when they are bringing in offshore workers.

“At the same time Downer is cutting employees doing similar work. It is shocking that locals are losing their jobs while offshore workers are being shipped in.

“The Government needs to take responsibility for this. Amy Adams should call in Chorus and tell them to ensure locals aren’t cut out of jobs in the rush to cut costs.

“Unemployment is rising in this country. We should take a very dim view of a company trying to cut New Zealanders out of good jobs so it can make a quick buck,” says Clare Curran.