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Chorus’ cut-price approach hit telco workers

Chorus’ cut price approach to the ultra-fast broadband roll-out means telco workers will likely have to work for a company with a reputation for screwing down pay and terms and conditions in a hazardous industry, says Labour’s Associate ICT spokesperson Clare Curran.


“Chorus has sacked Downers as the major contractor for its ultrafast broadband fibre rollout in the lower North Island and brought in Visionstream which runs its business with high up-front costs for contractors, little security of work and exploitative contracts.

“The roll-out is paid for by public money – the Government shouldn’t stand by while hard-working contractors get worse conditions just so Chorus can make a bigger profit. Whose side is Amy Adams on?


“Chorus attacked Downers' reputation as the major contractor for fibre installation in the lower North Island, while supporting the further penetration of a contract company which legitimises precarious work conditions.


“It’s extraordinary that Chorus is laying the responsibility for delays in fibre rollout on a trusted contractor.


"The Government should be asking for hard evidence on what is causing the delays. Driving down health and safety, wages and conditions is not the answer,” says Clare Curran.