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Worst September road toll in years

The deadliest September on our roads since 2009 has meant tragedy for the family and friends of 25 people killed this month 17 more deaths than at the same time last year, says Labour’s Transport spokesperson Sue Moroney.

“We are heading for the third consecutive year of an increasing road toll – this is now a trend going in the wrong direction after decades of slow but steady decline in road deaths.

“The Minister of Transport needs to urgently review his ‘Safer Journeys’ strategy and insist on reversing the decline in road policing.

“Already 244 people have died on New Zealand roads in 2016, compared to 227 at the same time last year.

“At least 5 of the 23 fatal crashes in September involved a truck, resulting in 7 deaths – that’s a disproportionate amount of carnage for the 6 per cent of heavy vehicles on our roads.

“It is also of concern that the number of motorcyclist deaths continues to rise, despite the Government charging a new motorcycle safety levy since 2010. Motorcyclists are paying more, but six years on there is no improvement in outcomes.

“My sympathies lie with all of those who have lost loved ones in the first three quarters of 2016. My hope is that the road toll improves for the last quarter of the year,” says Sue Moroney.