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  • More cops on the beat needed to curb crime

    Crime is on the rise in New Zealand. We need more police. There’s no doubt about it. So it’s something of a shock to see National claiming crime is falling and we don’t need more police – as Chester Borrows wrote recently.

    Creating opportunities for young people

    A big focus of my leadership of the Labour Party has been about creating more opportunities for young people. It’s only by giving people the freedom to achieve their goals that we can ensure they get a shot at the Kiwi dream.

    If you look at the policies we’ve launched in the last two years – three years free tertiary education, dole for apprenticeships, building 100,000 affordable homes for first home buyers, entrepreneur grants for young people – they’re about creating opportunities for people that they increasingly don’t have under the current government.

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    Labour's Working Futures Plan

    Labour’s Working Futures Plan will provide three years of free post-school education across a person’s life so New Zealanders can thrive in the 21st century economy.

    The nature of work is changing constantly. To compete into the future and seize opportunities as they arise we need one of the best educated workforces in the world.

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Latest Headlines

Half-baked fisheries proposals a political butt-covering exercise

· November 11, 2016

The Government’s proposed fisheries reforms are underwhelming and disappointing, says Labour's Fisheries Spokesperson Rino Tirikatene.

“New Zealand's fisheries management needs to be modernised in a bold and strategic way with a focus on long-term sustainability. Instead the Minister has given us proposals that are reactive, inward-looking and self-serving. It is yet another round of political butt-covering to protect the Minister and his officials. 

Labour champions rates rebate for elderly

· November 11, 2016

A significant financial anomaly for many of New Zealand’s elderly will be fixed by a Labour Bill says Labour’s Senior Citizens spokesperson Ruth Dyson. 

“My Bill aims to fix an anomaly in the rates rebate scheme for older New Zealanders living in retirement homes.

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