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Thursday 10 November 2016

Mika Haka: The Rainbow Gala Extravaganza

Posted in: Entertainment
By - 30th June 2016

We chat to Mika Haka ahead of the Auckland Rainbow Gala Extravaganza about what you can expect at the most fabulous night of the year.

The name says it all really, this certainly will be an extravaganza of sights and sounds, a celebration of 30 years of Homosexual Law Reform that will never be repeated.

The night kicks off at 9pm and Mika says “that’s when all helta skelter happens”. There’ll be a very queer opening, not quite your traditional Māori powhiri, but what do you expect from the far from traditional performer.

“At 10pm it will just be, good luck, keep your wits with you,” he says.

You are bound to miss something and that’s part of it, you never quite know what you’re going to see or where you’ll see it.

So what can we expect from Mika on the night? Well, he isn’t giving too much away but says that 25 years ago Dalvanius Prime - the man who brought you Poi E - released New Zealand’s first ever gay pop song; Mika’s I Have Loved Me a Man.

To celebrate, Mika will treat you to a preview of a brand new mix featuring Lavina Williams and King Homeboy among other big names.

It’s also preview to a new album and as Mika says “it doesn’t get much bigger than that.”

Mika says you can expect “A lot more of that queer new voice that we’re seeing all around the world, really flamboyant kids, not necessarily doing drag, but more of the gender fluidity.”

He says “think sexiness, lots and lots of sexiness.”

With a mix of young and old, don’t expect the usual room filled with tables and chairs and everyone sitting not mingling, everything about the gala you’ll need to discover for yourself.

There’ll be “moments we used to have in clubbing before mobile phones. We used to do things that were cheekier and intimate and more in your face, things just pop up.”

“Theres no stopping and looking at the show - the show is you!”

Don’t expect anything you’ve ever seen before either, there’ll be nothing boring at this gala event. Theres the ballroom, different spaces have been set up and performances will be happening everywhere.

“Not everything is on a stage,” says Mika “I want to get rid of the stage.”

Expect a lot of activations and Mika says “If you, the audience, feel the invitation is right, you might wish to join us on some of the things. It’s very organic.”

“Fun is big this year”.

- 30th June 2016

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