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Thursday 10 November 2016

The community spirit of Wigarama

Posted in: Our Communities
By - 8th September 2016

Wigarama is back for its ninth year running, with a star-studded lineup and more entertainment than you can bat your eyelashes at, all proceeds from the night will help the Cartier Trust continue its important work in the community.

Karen Ritchie performing at Wigarama, picture taken by Andrea
With only a couple of days to go before the fabulous night at Encore Entertainment and Cabaret on Krd, Karen Richie Founder and Trustee of the Cartier Trust explains the ethos behind the event.

For 14 years, the Cartier Trust has been providing direct help with the cost of farewelling those who have passed away from HIV-related illnesses. Karen says Wigarama is an important fundraiser for the Trust because “there are still people dying of HIV”.

She says “the Trust is a very well-respected trust in the community, because it does belong to the community.”

The Trust is currently looking at other avenues for moving forward and Karen says “So many people have said to me, ‘please keep the Trust going even if it does branch out into other avenues’, because it’s such loving a well-respected trust.”

Everyone is welcome this Saturday and as Karen says, “Wigarama is always a community event.”

“Over the years we’ve done big events but we’ve always maintained Wigarama is for the community to come and enjoy and I find Wigarama does bring amazing community spirit,” she says.

“We always have an amazing lineup of artists and everybody works for free, they give their time and their talent to the event.”

Hosted by the much-loved Tess Tickle, Buckwheat and Steven Oates, this year’s lineup includes Yuri Guaìí, Lola Blades, Medulla Oblongata, Cindy and Trinity Ice alongside a raft of other performers.

“It’s a wonderful night,” says Karen. “I always cherish the fact that everybody gives their time, it’s only ten dollars and you cannot see this amount of performers and acts for ten dollars anywhere else.

“Wigarama shows such a great community spirit.”

Saturday 10 September, 7pm
Encore Entertainment and Cabaret, Auckland

- 8th September 2016

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