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Thursday 10 November 2016

Ask our expert: Wedding advice?

Posted in: Ask Our Expert
By staff - 14th August 2013

It’s just a few days until history will be made in New Zealand, with the first gay couples getting married. Weddings are a stressful business, so we have asked a few celebrants for some advice – and how you can help them make things run smoothly.

Michael Bancroft, Auckland: “Don’t rush into it because it's the latest fad. Become good friends, grow in love, be ready for commitment and not just till the first argument! May you be the best gift you could ever give to the other. Give, give and forgive.”

Margaret Mayman, Wellington: "Remember that as fabulous as you may be as an event planner, your prime responsibility on your wedding day is to express love, care and commitment for your partner. Nothing matters more than the words you will say to each other in the presence of those who love you both. Whatever your spiritual path, these are sacred words that will guide how you will be with each other as you share your future together. "

Margaret Wilson, Tauranga: “Have your wedding celebrations your way. If family and friends love you they will join in and help make it something special.”

Xavier Radic, Waikato and Auckland: “An alternative venue prearranged in case weather inclement, with easy foot and vehicle access."

Jill Summer, Christchurch: “What I would like is what to call each partner! As in formal title. I have been doing weddings (civil ceremonies) since the law change and would ask that couples decide on a formal (or not) mode of address before we meet: that would help me to respect their needs in a manner acceptable to them. With my thanks and best wishes to all.”

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