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Thursday 10 November 2016

Preview: Inside the Chinese Closet

Posted in: Movies
By - 27th April 2016

The documentary follows the story of a Shanghai gay man and lesbian woman who attend a fake marriage fair in the hopes of finding someone of the opposite sex to marry in order to subdue the increasing pressure put on them by their parents.

Exploring the complexities of living as a gay person in an extremely heteronormative society, Inside the Chinese Closet is an eye opening watch.

The fake marriage fair is a chance for LGBTI people to find a husband or wife of the opposite sex who finds themselves in the same predicament - gay and needing to find a fake spouse.

This is an honest look at the pressures faced by LGBTI people in a country in which homosexuality is legal but very far from being accepted. It is clear from watching that as the rest of the world begins to legalise same-sex marriage, traditional concepts of family and marriage dominate Chinese society.

The concepts of marriage and family are explored deeply in the film and both Andy and Cherry recognise that their potential fake husband or wife will need to not only be approved by their parents but fulfill certain duties expected of them. Then comes children, both in their early thirties, this adds an even more complicated expectation to the mix.

Filmmaker Sophia Luvara explores a story that is not her own and does so effortlessly. An objective observer, the film presents viewers with the stories, an insight into the very real situation of both Andy and Cherry, without making any judgements.

Definitely worth a watch, check it out at the Documentary Edge Festival.

Wellington 4-15 May, Roxy Cinema, Miramar
Auckland 18-29 May, Q Theatre Auckland CBD

- 27th April 2016

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