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Thursday 10 November 2016

NZ Writing: Hate by Diane Sparkes

Posted in: NZ Writing
By Diane Sparkes - 9th February 2015

Tonight, Auckland Pride Festival poetry reading night All the Words of the Rainbow is being held as part of the Alternative Bindings line-up.

Diane Sparkes is planning to share her poem 'Hate' there. It was written after she was bullied, harassed and verbally assaulted by a young man who decided she was a ‘transvestite’.

Diane sat down in tears to record on paper the trauma she had experienced.

This poem was the result, writing a poem was something she had never done in all her 72 years of life, surprising even herself.

Diane is a transgender woman, and rights advocate, who now, two years on, feels brave enough to share her words.

Fucking transvestite he said

Frothing hatred at me

So wrong was my reply

I am woman

It did not matter to him

I was the target for all Who are Trans

This is his thinking, truth matters not

The pain he creates means nothing

His hatred must prevail

Hatred must extend

Violence the aim

For this will make in his eyes

Him into a man

His thoughts the better of him gets

Something inside he cannot let go

What more pain can I give!

Trauma terror and stress he thinks

In the darkness he will act

For a man he is not yet

His target he will not face

He will attack and run away

Like a thief in the night

He throws stones and smashes

His belief’s justify his act’s

There can be no defence

He hides unable to be

The man he so desperately desires

An accomplice he seeks

Not a man but a mere boy

Someone immature and easily led

It matters not to him

His hatred must expand

Now he is two

His strength and power all the greater

In his mind

Not yet truly a man

He ignores consequence

He gets caught

But still he proudly states

His hatred for me

And everyone like me

He admits he is homophobic

Like it is a worthy value

He is still wrong

He is Transphobic as well

And the difference he knows not


He has not learnt how to be a real man

His hatred remains strong.

Still he knows not the real me!


Diane says the end result, though, was almost magical.

“The young man was arrested and taken to court to answer for his actions, but on one occasion while at the court which he attended at least four times, he turned to me as we were leaving, came up close gave me a hug and told me he was so very sorry. A bit scary at first but so rewarding in restoring my opinion of who I believed he really was at heart – a silly boy. This goes to show the importance of looking further beyond the immediate. However none of that negated the feeling of desperation at the time.”

All the Words of the Rainbow
6.00pm to 7.30pm
Leys Institute Library, 20 St Marys Road, Ponsonby
Free. Turn up by 6pm

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Diane Sparkes - 9th February 2015