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Thursday 10 November 2016

NZ Writing: Stop by Anon

Posted in: NZ Writing
By Anon - 19th March 2013



You broke my heart

But not completely

The shattered pieces lay scattered on the ground

I can hear the phone, see the message

I dream of you coming back to me

Every night I lay awake thinking of your face

Imagining what I would do if I saw you

Then dreams filled with you occupy the spaces between thought

The pain of broken love still has hope.

I request you to tell me

You don’t love me

You don’t think of me

You don’t need me or want me

Please crush my heart to dust so it can fly away

I can’t heal with these shards

“I need you to stop contacting me”

Through the pain is release.

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Anon - 19th March 2013