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Thursday 10 November 2016

NZ Writing: Same Sex

Posted in: NZ Writing
By Katerina N Clark - 12th January 2015

Katerina N Clark wrote this poem after meeting a lot of other gay people and transgender people at a gathering in Auckland. “I was inspired by their stories and struggles and how easy it is to judge someone just by what they look like, it breaks my heart.”

Same Sex
Spoken word poetry
Written by Katerina N Clark

I see the mirror staring back at me

maybe it's the way I dress that has them questioning

stereotype played out in people's minds

they focus more on what's on the outside,

they say names like fag dyke homo and slut

but ya'll are gonna have to do better than that to shut me up

because I'm proud and happy being me

I almost feel light-headed

young, careless and free,

so what if I gave you smile? Would that mean I like you?

Because in my head I'm just a kind person and it means I respect you,

I think people are so focused on labelling each other

and put into categories one after another

youth are being bullied because of their sexuality

but If you gave them a chance you'd realise there is more to their personality,

but it's not just the gays I'm talking about here

it's transgender who get hate from everywhere,

why can't we all just see people as equal and as one?

why does it matter where we've been or who we have done?

are you afraid that it might turn you on?

that you might get that funny feeling and then think it's so wrong?

because it's not wrong!

it's not wrong to like the same sex!

and it's up to you now what you will say or do next,

if you're heterosexual and don't give a shit

I give thanks to you for not hating one little bit,

but if your homophobic then go f*** yourself

whoops I didn't mean for that to come out loud,

so please

everyone stop hating stop judging and stop being a dick

because us homosexuals are proud and I personally don't care what you think.

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Katerina N Clark - 12th January 2015