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Thursday 10 November 2016

Review: Mating in Captivity

Posted in: Performance
By Sarah Murphy - 19th August 2016

Only a couple of generations ago, getting married in your late teens or early twenties was the norm. Whether because of a shift in societies perception of marriage, a lack of finances or a raft of other reasons, the number of young people getting married now has dropped and the age of people getting married has increased.

Mating in Captivity centres around the story of a young couple in their early twenties who are heading out to their engagement party when Rob, played by Jack Buchanan, receives a phone call from a past school friend who needs somewhere to crash. Rob is all too quick to offer up the couples’ tiny one-bedroom apartment and was results is an evening of revelations, awkward confessions and talk about “butt-stuff”.

Tackling some big topics such as sexuality, consent and sex, very early on you get the feeling that nothing is off limits as the realities of life as an adult are thrown out in the open.

Sometimes there are shows that give you a healthy dose of anxiety; a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. By that definition this is one of the healthiest shows I’ve seen in a while.

There are times in life when you’re too afraid to ask questions for fear of the consequences (or perhaps because you know somethings should be left unasked) well, Mating in Captivity asks them for you, whether or not that’s a good thing well, only time will tell.

The first play from Oliver Page, it’s clear that this won’t be his last, Page is an exciting new voice in the Auckland theatre scene and his off-beat style sits comfortably in the powerhouse that is The Basement.

A show that hits hard and fast, always keeping you on your toes, only allowing for a few moments of rest between laughter - Mating in Captivity is a must-see.

Don’t go in expecting to know where things are heading - nothing is as it seems.

Mating in Captivity is on at The Basement until August 27.

Sarah Murphy - 19th August 2016

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