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Thursday 10 November 2016


Posted in: Performance
By - 13th April 2016

We talk to emerging choreographer, Caitlin Davey, about the Basement’s latest contemporary dance offering, Fabricate.

Image-based movement combined with experimental relationships that explore the tension in the in-between moments of life, the show promises an alternative perspective of in-theatre imaged-based dance performance.

“It’s about our relationships to each other, in a totally non-heteronormative way. It’s about every kind of relationship.”

Freshly graduated from Unitec, Caitlin, says she and fellow choreographer Lydia were invited out for a drink by a friend who was working at the Basement when they realised they were being ambushed. The casual drink was really a way to tell them they needed to make a dance show at the venue. “We had just finished uni and wanted to start our new graduate life with a bang and get to explore all the things we have been thinking about forever,” she says.

“This is the first show we have made outside of uni so it feels wildly experimental to us.”

This is very much a family affair, “We all just graduated from Unitec’s Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts,” says Caitlin “The dancers majoring in Contemporary Dance and our lighting designer majoring in Production Design and Management. We’re from a variety of places and backgrounds, England, South Africa, Australia and all different kinds of dance but found our home in contemporary dance.”

So what should you expect from the show? “Some pretty sweet dance moves, killer lighting and spatial design, and a bit of string action. Experience how we fit around each other in the world that we make.”

April 12-16
The Basement Theatre, Auckland

- 13th April 2016

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