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25th October 2016   International News
Dead or Alive group singer Pete Burns, who has died of a heart attack, was for a time in a civil union partnership with a man. Burns, whose British band... Read more

25th October 2016   International News
The Russian Embassy in the UK has posted a cartoon image on its Twitter account that depicts Europeans and gay piggy banks.   The image shows a large bear representing... Read more

23rd October 2016   International News
A seven-year old in the UK has been removed from a mother's care by a judge because she was raising him as a female. The judge said the mother was... Read more

23rd October 2016   International News
Despite hopes of gay men who have a criminal record after being historically convicted of same-sex intimacy before anti-gay sex laws were struck down having their convictions wiped, the UK... Read more

21st October 2016   International News
The UK Government has announced it will posthumously pardon the historical homosexual convictions of thousands of gay and bisexual men in an attempt "to put right these wrongs."   Men... Read more

20th October 2016   International News
The Australian federal government’s marriage equality Plebiscite Bill has passed in the lower house and now waits to be voted on by the Senate where it is believed it will... Read more

17th October 2016   International News
Crowds in the tens of thousands marched in Paris to call for the repeal of the same-sex marriage law - which passed in 2013 - ahead of the presidential elections... Read more

13th October 2016   International News
Russian LGBTI teenagers will soon be unable to access an online support system because the government believes is violates the ‘gay propaganda’ law.   The website Deti-404, which translates to... Read more

11th October 2016   International News
The Australian public will not be voting on marriage equality as the proposed plebiscite has been blocked by the Labor Party following consultation with LGBTI advocacy groups and health experts.... Read more

7th October 2016   International News
Tonga’s legislation regarding homosexuality is soon to be officially challenged by members of the LGBTI community.   This December the Tongan Leiti Association will petition the government to make changes... Read more