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Wednesday 09 November 2016

Gay Aussie rugby player faces pedophile charges

Posted in: International News
By Daily News - 28th May 2016

Michael John Quinn
A gay Melbourne man traveling to the Bingham Cup international gay rugby tournament remains under arrest in Los Angeles, facing charges relating to allegedly arranging to have sex with a six-year old boy.

Michael John Quinn,33, was arrested after turning up to a party at which he expected to pay money to have sex with a boy. However the supposed pimp and pedophiles gathered for the party turned out to be FBI agents who had set up the sting after undercover agents met Quinn on a social networking site that caters to individuals with a sexual interest in children.

Quinn had allegedly told agents he wanted to "meet up with a dad who shares his young ones" in Los Angeles. He allegedly said he wanted to meet "other pervs" and agreed to pay $250 (NZ$375) for a young boy with whom he planned to have sex.

If found guilty Quinn faces life imprisonment in a US jail.

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