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Wednesday 09 November 2016

 LGBTI picks for your NZIFF calendar
Posted in: Movies  11th July 2016
It’s that time of the year again, the New Zealand International Film Festival is upon us and this year there is a great lineup of LGBTI films for you to feast your eyes on.

 Preview: From This Day Forward
Posted in: Movies  3rd May 2016
It isn’t very often a documentary explores the complexities of gender identity and transition from the perspective of a trans person’s adult child.

 Preview: Inside the Chinese Closet
Posted in: Movies  27th April 2016
Inside the Chinese Cloest follows the story of a Shanghai gay man and lesbian woman who both attend a fake marriage fair in the hopes of finding someone of the opposite sex to marry.

 Watch: Dropped Pie
Posted in: Movies  3rd October 2015
You might just spy a familiar (bearded) face in web series Dropped Pie! LaQuisha St Redfern features in this series about a new dish which is taking the food world by storm.

 A heartland NZ romance: West of Eden
Posted in: Movies  29th September 2015
A locally-made feature film set in backcountry New Zealand in the 1960s will tell the tale of a forbidden relationship between two men.

 Film preview: Freeheld
Posted in: Movies  27th September 2015
Julianne Moore, Ellen Page and Michael Shannon talk about the much-anticipated upcoming film Freeheld, which is based on a heartbreaking true story.

 Trailer: The Danish Girl
Posted in: Movies  7th September 2015
The trailer is out for The Danish Girl, in which Eddie Redmayne plays one of the first people who had gender reassignment surgery – and the director is defending his decision not to cast a trans actor.

 Craig Hoyle on Holding the Man
Posted in: Movies  2nd September 2015
The film version of Holding the Man has brought the story to a whole new generation of people like Craig Hoyle, who hadn't yet read the book or seen the play.

 Bringing Freda Du Faur to the big screen
Posted in: Movies  26th August 2015
Wellington filmmaker Anita Ross is embarking on a quest to make a movie about Freda Du Faur, a pioneering lesbian mountaineer who was the first woman to climb Aoraki / Mt Cook in 1910.

 Trailer: Carol
Posted in: Movies  21st August 2015
The trailer has been released for Carol, a film starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara which is based on Patricia Highsmith's classic 1952 lesbian novel The Price of Salt.

 Help fund Two Steps Behind
Posted in: Movies  10th August 2015
Two film students are trying to raise the $600 for a short film about a young man with a gay older brother, who has to make a choice between conforming, or having his brother’s back.

 Trailer: Stonewall
Posted in: Movies  6th August 2015
UPDATED: The trailer has been released for Stonewall, a fictional drama about a young man caught up in the 1969 Stonewall Riots. But is it 'whitewashing' history?

 Movie review: Holding the Man
Posted in: Movies  30th July 2015
The movie adaptation of Holding The Man has most of the elements of the book and stage play but somehow it lacks the heart and passion of its predecessors.

 Review: The Duke of Burgundy
Posted in: Movies  27th July 2015
The Duke of Burgundy is bound to be a controversial entry in this year's New Zealand International Film Festival. So, what is this film about, apart from lesbians, lepidoptery and BDSM?

 Review: Tangerine
Posted in: Movies  25th July 2015
"This movie knocked me over. I felt blind-sided by the conclusion and it took me some moments to compose myself before I felt ready to join the rest of the world after the movie ended."