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Wednesday 09 November 2016

 The struggle continues for Georgina Beyer
Posted in: Community  25th October 2016
Georgina Beyer confirms her kidney donor is a gay man but that as things stand she may never be able to take advantage of his "incredibly generous" offer. And she talks about how she keeps going in face of compounding medical problems.

 Remembering Carol: teacher, glbti advocate, friend
Posted in: People  30th September 2016
Generations of queer secondary students, and family and friends, have had their lives uplifted, enriched and guided by a remarkable and inspirational teacher who never backed off when it came to being queer.

 Leading from the head and the heart
Posted in: Health & HIV, Community  28th September 2016
The first gay man to head the NZ AIDS Foundation in fifteen years talks about how his sexuality is integral to how he sees his job and the work ahead.

 Meet LGBTI healthcare advocate Zoe Brownlie
Posted in: People  16th September 2016
LGBTI ally Zoe Brownlie is running for the Auckland District Health Board. Passionate about healthcare specific to rainbow communities, we chat to Zoe about what issues need addressing and how this can be done.

 Meet the LGBTI Rio Paralympians
Posted in: People  1st September 2016
With less than a week before the Paralympics kick off in Rio, we take a look at the openly queer Paralympians getting set to compete.

 Meet your NZ queer Olympians
Posted in: People  5th August 2016
This year there are 43 out athletes competing at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, three of these athletes are New Zealanders.

 Tatryanna Eden LaCroix on HLR30
Posted in: People  19th July 2016
Tatryanna Eden LaCroix gave a powerful speech at last Saturday's HLR30 Auckland Civic Reception.

 Power in Numbers
Posted in: People  18th July 2016
Rainbow MP, former Silver Fern and former Black Fern talks about homophobia in sport and the power in numbers.

 Behind the scenes of changemaking
Posted in: People  14th July 2016
Trans advocate, Lexie Matheson was called in to support 16-year-old Stefani Muollo-Gray who was recently denied the right to use the female bathrooms at her school. She sheds light on the process to make change.

 Orange lighting
Posted in: Community  8th July 2016
Is Justice Minister Amy Adams response that it would be 'too complicated' to sift through the four hundred convictions under the pre-reform Crimes Act convincing?

 Transgender Victories!
Posted in: People  30th June 2016
Congratulations is in order for two heroines of the New Zealand transgender rights movement. Both Dakota Hemmingson and Stefani Muollo-Gray have won victories for transgender rights over the last two days, albeit in different contexts.

 My Life Before HLR: Craig Young
Posted in: People  24th June 2016
Michael Stevens and I are almost the same age, but living in different cities seems to have had profoundly different effects on our experience of homosexual law reform.

 The reality of LGBTI life in Mexico
Posted in: People  19th June 2016
A gay Mexican human rights advocate speaks about the reality of crimes against LGBTI people in Mexico and the response he hopes to see from the global community following the Xalapa bar mass shooting.

 "I am Muslim and gay"
Posted in: People  14th June 2016
I woke up on the morning of 13th June at 4:30 am. It is the month of Ramadan. I had my feast before sunrise and prayed. I checked my Facebook and I was devastated by the news [from Orlando]. It was soon discovered that the man had a Muslim name.

 My Life Before Law Reform: Michael Stevens
Posted in: True Stories  10th June 2016
I was a very active criminal in this country up until the age of 25, when Homosexual Law Reform passed... being a criminal simply for whom we loved or lusted after had a major effect.